Permission to use the Katy ISD official logo and campus logos is granted on a case-by-case basis. All employees, student organizations, parent organizations, boosters, business/civic partners, vendors, and others requesting to use or reproduce Katy ISD official logos on any media, apparel, or merchandise must complete a Use of Logo Request Form.

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Types of Logos
Primary School Logo can be used on official school documents and displays such as on the front of the school, diplomas, stationery, business cards, website, etc.
Wordmark can be used on general fashion gear, uniforms, general club designs general sport designs, stadiums, gym floor, signage, informal letterhead, etc.
Activity Mark can be used on specific activity fashion gear, uniforms, specific club designs, specific sport designs, stadiums, gym floor, signage, informal letterhead, etc. (ex. Football, Baseball, etc.)
Types of Files
.ESP is scalable to any size without loss of clarity. The file is defined by mathematical formulas and not pixels like other formats. Use this file format whenever possible, especially on large scale pieces such as posters and banners. You will need to use this file format when printing in spot color.
.JPG is based on pixels so scaling files to use at larger sizes can result in loss of clarity. These files are RGB color space and cannot be printed in spot color. They are suitable for digital or office printing. Use this file format when an eps file isn’t accepted by page layout software for digitally printed pieces.
.PNG is also pixel based. The files are on transparent background which is necessary for the use of reverse versions of the logos. These files are RGB color space as well. Use this file format for web applications.